Mascot provides a Quality Control Program that will be specifically designed for your standards. In order to maintain an excellent Quality Program for you, we provide the following measures:

  • Every employee is properly trained through our company-sponsored training program.
  • Each employee inspects his area after cleaning.
  • Our Foreman inspects all areas of responsibility after every cleaning.
  • Our Supervisors inspect the account after every assignment.
  • Mascot Managers conduct periodic follow-up inspections.
  • A Quality Control Inspector makes inspection regularly to review the work done the night before, speaking directly with the customer.
  • If you call our office with any problems or comments we will respond quickly. Our staff understands our Quality Control Program and will direct any concerns to the proper personnel.


Training is provided for all Mascot employees. Mascot ensure employees are provided with effective information and training on packaging activities in their work area at the time of their initial assignment.

Whenever a new physical or health hazard is introduced to a work area, all employees are informed and trained in respect to particular hazard.

In order to conduct our business, certain materials must be used that require specific precautions, and protect our employee's health. Therefore, it is the policy of Mascot Services, to communicate any hazards associated with handling hazardous materials with those employees involved.

It is the responsibility of Mascot and all managers and all supervisors to ensure proper information is obtained and disseminated to appropriate employee. Any employee's disregard of safety policies may result in disciplinary action, including discharge.


  • Mascot has every desire to provide a safe working environment for its employees. To accomplish this, management feels there is nothing more important than making certain that:
  • Employees are provided with all reasonable safeguards to ensure safe working conditions. We maintain all equipment, tools, and machines in good repair.
  • We study and develop safe work methods and train employees in these methods.
  • We comply with local laws regarding accident prevention and working conditions.